Regina GmbH stands for:


New innovations, realisation of ideas, give impetus driver, living visions, strength the life in the region with the region... 


The district local authorities of the administrative district of Neumarkt i.d. OPf., use Regina as a charitable organisation for the purposes of "Public Private Partnership" for the realisation of their developing images. Regional development is enhanced with the integrated engagement of stakeholders from the political, management, economical and societal sectors within the region. In addition tasks like the support of networks or the facilitation, moderation and documentation of processes beyond the region are perceived.


Areas of responsibility of Regina:

  • Co-operative regional development Knowledge transfer in the region (e.g., agenda 21)

  • Coordination and network education in the regionDrop-in centre for innovative ideas from the region

  • Development ProcessesFunding Applications for Projects

  • Presentation

  • Project development and initiation

  • Project management

  • Management of LAG within the scope of LEADER